Board of Directors & Advisors

The Marin Symphony Board of Directors represents a broad cross-section of our community including professionals with extraordinary skills and experience, as well as key orchestra members. Their leadership and dedication is profoundly important to the success of our organization. Beyond service on the board, their contributions financially and as volunteers leading fundraising and special events is invaluable. We welcome inquiries from people who would like to consider joining this amazing team. Contact us: 415.479.8100.

Dr. Frances L. White, President and Chair
Peter L. H. Thompson, Immediate Past President
Steven Machtinger*, Vice President
Jim Finkelstein, Vice President
Judith Walker, Secretary
Renee Rymer, Treasurer

Board of Directors
Shirin Aryanpour
Otis Bruce, Jr.
Lynn Callender
Jenny Douglass*
Joanne Dunn
Jim Finkelstein
Renee Froman*
Will Glasgow
Stephen Goldman
Greta Hoversten
Sandra Hoyer
Steven Machtinger*
Erica Posner*
David S. Post
Elizabeth Prior*
Mary Rabb
Dr. Hannelore Rodriguez-Farrar
Renee Rymer
Marty Rubino
Stacy Scott
Dr. Beth Seaman
Sally Shekou
Peter L. H. Thompson
Judith Walker
Dr. Frances L. White

*Orchestra Member

Committee Chairs
Stephen Goldman,
 Audience Development
Greta Hoversten, Audit
Marty Rubino, Development

David S. Post, Finance
Renee Rymer, Governance
Judith Walker, Investment
Jim Finkelstein, Personnel
Stacy Scott, Special Events
Dr. Frances L. White/Jim Finkelstein, Strategic Planning
Steven Machtinger, Venue (Ad Hoc)
Dr. Beth Seaman/Jenny Douglass, Youth/Education

Louis Bartolini
Marge Bartolini
Jim Boitano
Crawford Cooley
Donald Dickey
Alfred Heller
Grace Hughes
Ronald Johnson
Stafford Keegin
Alice May
Gloria Miner
Elizabeth Mulryan
David Poff
Hugo Rinaldi
Madeleine Sloane